Week 50: Christmas is Getting Close!

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Christmas is really now chasing us down! So I went a little to town on filming Christmas stuff. I've taken a pause on the Playford in #shorts to do some Christmas shorts. I decided to start this on the 13th as it was Lucia. 🙂 We have Hockley in the Hole,  New Boe Peep, The Fryar and the Nun, Chestnut or Dove's Figary. Then they'll be back again after Christmas! The Christmas #shorts added are Sankta Lucia, Deck the Halls, and När Juldags Morgan Glimmar.

On the Scottish Smallpipes we have The Sussex Carol, Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus and Deck the Halls! I have also been busy transferring the Tutor CDrom over to this site. It is going to take quite some time, so here is SSP Tutor Chapter 2 part 1!

On the nyckelharpa we have Carrock Fell, a waltz by Jonny Dyer.

On the Fiddleharpa we have The Holly and the Ivy. On the Flute we have Polska efter Byss-Calle No. 38 and on the säckpipa Polska efter Sven Donat.

Most importantly - we have our Zoom concert before my next update goes out. So Thursday 21st December, 7pm Zoom Jonny and I are doing our traditional concert. Entry is by donation and there is a watch again facility, so you can catch up as soon as we get the video edited. (Which has to be fast as we're off to Halsway the following morning and the internet is too slow to upload from there!)

More next week!

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