Week 39: Lots of filming!

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It's been a week of intense filming and editing and also preparing for teaching at Burg Fürsteneck. So what is new on the site this week? In other news Jonny and myself were also on Channel 5's Harvest on the Farm. So if you're in the UK you can watch us playing away! We mananged to play the tune from Grandpa Joe, Lightening the Load, Japonica Jig and verse and two choruses from Jiggle the Old Bones!

We decided to sing the final song Heroes and Heroines from Nights of Legend this week in the Symmetry Zoom dance. So I've put this at the bottom of the page.

I filmed and edited week three for beginner Fiddleharpa, so if you're following that course now is the time to start on Day 15!

On the flute we have Hambo-Polska efter Gustaf Elfström.
On the säckpipa we have Polska efter Gabriel Fredrik Johansson.
On the nyckelharpa we have Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson.
We also have another tune from the top 40 session tunes at Halsway Manor and Älgschottis.
Playford in #shorts is continuing apace! Check them all out!

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