Week 27: Late Night Play-a-long

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I had a weekend of filming - hurrah! So now I have some fresh flute videos to share! So what is new?

I have now got the late night dance that we did for All Hands In on the 6th June ready. Because we only played our own tunes I have also made sure that each tune has a lesson attached to it. You'll have seen these come through on the updates in the last couple of weeks, so if you've been learning those, now is the time to play along with us! The audio includes the caller, which means you get to hear more of us talking because you can hear the questions! The pdf of the tunes includes notes as to the numbers of times through we play things!
For the 6-hole wooden flute we have Vals ur Carl Keventers notbok!
Sometimes one feels the need to do a really well known tune - so on the nyckelharpa this week we have Greensleeves!
On the Fiddleharpa we have a tune that is good for practising a scale - I'm a Little Teapot (yes, you get to hear me sing it!!)
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have Donald, Willie and his Dog
More next week!

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