Week 19: Spring Cleaning!

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It's been a spring cleaning sort of week this week. Literally, hoovering, ironing etc. I took apart the filming room so that we could concert it back to being a spare room for a guest. It'll be put back together again and back to usual next week! So what is new this week?

On the fiddleharpa we have The Shoemaker and nice simple tune for practising string crossing.

On the flute we have reached the end of the A-Z of flute dance tunes and Z so it's Zephyrs and Flora. It's been a great time with these tunes and I've been preparing to film a new series. It's not quite ready yet, so watch this space for when I get it filmed and uploaded!

On the Scottish smallpipes we have An Drochaid Chluiteach.

On the nyckelharpa we have Schottis efter August Strömberg. It's a great tune for playing right down on the G string and also for playing in C minor.

More next week!

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