Week 14: World Nyckelharpa Day Preparations

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The heat is on here, full of preparations for World Nyckelharpa Day!! I spent this week filming and editing stuff for the day - which is in two weeks time! So what are my main projects for that day?

The Halsway Manor Session was a big thing this week. I originally filmed this in March 2022 and the files have languished on various memory cards ever since. So I thought it was time to get them edited together and premiere it on World Nyckelharpa Day!! We chose five well known tunes at the time and you can see all the details on the blog entry page.

I want to create a really long catch of Jonny's tune Fångset - so please film yourself playing this and send it in to me and I'll see how long we can make it!! I'm going to edit and upload this to premiere on the day.

The Global Spikens Vals is taking shape - but you do have until the 30th April to get your video in. This won't go out on the day - but as soon as it is ready after the event.

We've reached V on the flute and Volpony and on the Scottish Smallpipes this week we have The Piper's Wedding March.

So this is your call to send me tunes of your own choice, Fångset and also Spiken's Vals in preparation for World Nyckelharpa Day!
More next week.

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