Week 7: Sweden here we come!

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Every so often one needs to have a service done on your nyckelharpa, so that's this week's task. Visiting Sören Åhker to give my nyckelharpa some much needed tender loving care!

As part of sorting out a session pad for Halsway I moved across Björnlåten from the old site and made ut into one huge lesson. It was part of World Nyckelharpa Day 2020, so there is a lot going on there!

I have updated the lesson for Emma to include Jonny's ensemble version that we played at Halsway (and embedded it below. It's totally lush!

We have Juringius in B minor on the flute this week.
The Train Journey North on the Scottish Smallpipes is a really fun tune!!
We also have Cockles and Mussels on the nuvotoot!
More next week!

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