Week 3: World Nyckelharpa Day

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I've been gradually making better and better use of the new set up this week and working very hard on World Nyckelharpa Day. I made a little tongue in cheek advert using some of the videos I've had from previous years. Most importantly though I finally chose the tune that we're going to have as our global tune. It's Spikens Vals - it has to be the grooviest tune in the world! I created the arrangement, the lesson and the guide track. You can find them all on the World Nyckelharpa Day website - submissions are open!

So what else is new this week?
I added Skäggigtschottisen on the Moraharpa.
We have The Golden Birch for the Scottish Smallpipes.
The A-Z of dance tunes on the flute is up to M and The Midnight Ramble.
The shorts are going well, I've kept up with them fine this week! They're listed at the bottom of the page as well as on the Short Page itself. More next week!

19th January - Italian Rant
18th January - Mid-Year Spice
17th January - The Japonica Jig
16th January - The Flitter Dance
15th January - Spikens Vals
14th February - Horses Bransle
13th January - Dancing Shoes
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