Week 52: Happy New Year

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Happy New Year every one! I hope you all had a great break and ate far too much! I've been away so there are only two things to add this week. Kelsterne Gardens on the flute and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the säckpipa

What has been exciting has been the release of The Witcher Blood Origin. This was one of the projects that I did during lockdown. I tutored one of the main actresses - Sophia Brown to play the nyckelharpa, I recorded with her in the studio and then advised on set for scenes in episodes 1 and 4. If you look for me in the credits though, due a bit of an error - you'll only see Erik Rydvall listed. So the rule of thumb is this - if you can see a nyckelharpa being played, it's definitely me playing. If you can only hear it, it could well be Erik. I recorded a nice solo at the start of the song in episode one, this didn't make the final cut - but the video below is what it would have been! There have been queries about the bow hold the actress uses. I used a old style gammalharpa bow, so that's the bow hold I taught Sophia. Sophia was a really great student and such fun to work with!
Back to work this week - I have videos to make and teaching to do!

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