Week 47: Time for Filming!

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In the middle of learning christmas words for our December tour I've grabbed the camera out this week. It's going to take a little while to do all the editing - but there might be a bit of Christmas in there!

I added a lovely tune to the site this week Mjölnaren från Ulriksberg by Gene Karlsson. Thank you Gene!

I decided to deconstruct Hamburska efter Pehr Ericsson and talk about different ways of writing out the tune. If this is useful I will do exactly the same thing for other tunes with cool and funky rhythms. Just let me know!

I've started working on some new fiddleharpa resources for beginners, so here is Perry the Partridge for fiddleharpa. It's up on the E string. I'm in the middle of editing together a Nyckelharpa-4-a-Day for Fiddleharpa - Day one is done!

For Säckpipa this week I created a simple beginners tune for playing in D on the E/A chanter. It's not something we do much, but it is possible! It's a nice simple tune: Shepherds Hey.
On the Scottish Smallpipes I've done Hie Mee Stiagh, it goes very nicely!
We're on I for the A-Z of flute tunes and a great little tune called Impertinence.


Next Zoom Dance: 7pm UK time: Sunday 27th November
Symmetry Dance: Tuesday 6th and Sunday 11th December
Our Zoom Christmas Concert: Monday 19th December
All Hands In: 1am UK time Wednesday 21st December (it's Tuesday night really!)

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