Week 45: Remembrance

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It's definitely winter now, the rain, the damp, the cold! We're home with a few gigs dotted around, so it's time to light the fire and start brushing up on our Christmas show!

So what's new this week?
Another two tunes from Fürsteneck, this time from Scotland.
The Steamboat (there is also the version for for Scottish Smallpipes)
Champion of the Seas (and also the version for Scottish Smallpipes)
We're up to G in the Flute A-Z and Grimstock.

As it is remembrance this week I recorded and filmed the Last Post.


Next Zoom Dance: 7pm UK time: Sunday 27th November
Also: Tuesday 6th and Sunday 11th December
All Hands In: 1am UK time Wednesday 21st December (it's Tuesday night really!)

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