Week 39: Portugal!

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This week was teaching in Portugal and it was a lot of fun! A real flying visit though as it was sandwiched in-between other events! Hopefully it will be the start of many visits! Because I've been on the road I've not managed to get the camera out to film the lessons from Halsway. This is in the schedule for tomorrow as I prepare for Burg Fürsteneck!

So what is new this week?

For nyckelharpa we have Diversion Ahead.

I have now started an A-Z of dance music for the flute, so every week now for the next 26 weeks there will be a new flute tune. This week it's A and Auretti's Dutch Skipper.

On the säckpipa we have Lästringe Gånglåt - a great little tune and not too tricky!


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