Week 21: Some smallpipes, some beginner and the bent thumb!

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This week we a couple of tunes suitable for the beginner and some Scottish Smallpipe tunes!
Lavenders Blue
The Shoemaker
Skye Boat Song (on the mini-harpa)
Sevenoaks for Scottish Smallpipes
Røros Pols for Scottish Smallpipes

I also got round to filming the video that I've been wanting to do for a while now - the video showing the thumb from the players perspective and why it should be bent!
I'm starting to have to book some flights to get to the international workshops I'm teaching at, so I've updated my Flying with a Nyckelharpa page on my main website. It's a tricky question and one that I've never found an answer to that isn't stressful! There is a link to a page where I'm going to be writing about all my flying experiences, you'll need to ask me for the password for that.

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