Week 5: World Nyckelharpa Day Prep

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Week 5: World Nyckelharpa Day Prep

This week I have been hard at work on World Nyckelharpa Day. I finally managed to get the advert created, some wonderful people sent me lots of good videos and I created the video that is below. So what I have I created this week?

This year the global tune is going to be Vännens Långdans (You can hear it in the advert) I created the lessons and the guides. I'm also going to do a mosaic of Byss-Calle 25. I created the guide track for that. Finally, it's my dream to create a complete list of Byss-Calle videos. I've decided to completely revamp the old list - so the whole list is up for grabs again. So go choose a tune!
Vännens Långdans
Byss-Calle 25
Own Choice Byss-Calle

So its definitely time to start thinking about what wonderful thing you can come up with for World Nyckelharpa Day. I'll be doing a session, a warmup video, several Byss-Calle tunes from the list and maybe a YouTube concert premier too. We're playing for Symmetry on Sunday night - so if you want to come along and watch/dance/playalong in Zoom - it's free. Just come along 7pm UK time. Dots are on this page!
See you there (maybe!)

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