Week 52: Happy New Year

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Week 52: Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Nyckelharpa Christmas advent calendar! That was mammoth to put together! We've had a quiet few days over Christmas - but spent most of it trying to catch up on sleep and giving the house a bit of a tidy up. It's been a long 22 months since we went digital at the start of the pandemic. I've now been moving materials over from my old Blogger site for nearly a year and at some point the job will be finished! But not yet!

Is anything new this week? I've moved one more tune as it's quite festive - but I hope you're still playing the tunes from the Advent Calendar!
Rum in the Pudding

I've decided it's time to release some music onto Spotify, my plan is to release a new track into the digisphere every week. So I am starting with Jonny's Suite that we performed at Halsway and Fürsteneck. The first movement was released at midnight on the 29th December and the second movement will arrive on the 5th January! If you don't have spotify it's also available on YouTube and all other good streaming services.

Happy New Year!
See you soon.

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