Week 30: Tunes Update

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Week 30: Tunes Update

It's been another week of a weekend of gigging, which has been great. I did some filming - then had to re-do the filming. We had to pull the livestream studio 2 apart to get the PA out so we could take it to a real life ceilidh dance! It was a short dance, but a dance none the less! It was fun! Then it went back together again and finally it's being taken apart and then put back together. It looks like things are definitely starting to be more blended. This has put us a little behind for the sessions. So we're going to take a break for a couple of weeks. But have no fear we'll start filming the sessions soon. There are 20 from the original Virtual Sessions at the Bar at Halsway to revisit!

So what's new this week?

Our Dance Tunes
The Japonica Jig
Hyde and Seek
Jonny's Jolly Polska

8-note Polska
Sistapolskan (new tune of the week)

Old Style Harpas
Slängpolska efter Calle Svankvist

For Children
Jumping Beans (of course adults can play this little beginner tune!)

The Zen Scales Course - it's been a year since I filmed these scales in the first lockdown and I have now fully transferred them to this site. 56 days of scales to help you get up and down the instrument and listen to your tone. Give them a go! If you complete them all - let me know and I'll do some more!

The Folkie Flute tune of the week is Linus På Linjen.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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