Third Week of June Update

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Third Week of June Update

It's been a busy weekend with four gigs, but I've still managed to do plenty of creating this week! Double bass, flute and fiddleharpa have all been out. I've also added a second method of becoming a subscriber using Patreon:

Become a Patron!

So if you're not a subscriber already - it's even easier than ever to support the site!

Tune Friday
Polska after Andreas Dahlgren Number 87
Pollenesse efter Andreas Dahlgren Number 99
Finnskog efter Jan Andersson

Our Dance Tunes
The Race for Home (totally new)

I've decided to add a fiddleharpa course. These instruments are becoming more popular and I do use mine quite a lot. They are playable on the normal pitched nyckelharpa, but they are challenging.
Andy Clarke's
Trip to Habertonford

This week's flute tune is Sistapolskan.

The session for Sunday is ready and waiting you'll find all the details on the Session 7 Blog entry page! See you there!

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