First Week of April tune list

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First Week of April tune list

Happy Easter! I'm hoping that this week will be less fretful in moving and making resources! We had the first session today and I'll be releasing the details of the next session in two weeks time very soon! Watch this space! I've added a little section at the bottom to remind me of things I've thought of during the week that I'd like to add!
Tunes Moved = 102 out of 300
**totally new**

Vicki & Jonny's Session
Session 2 is cantiga week - filmed and scheduled!

Historical Harpas
Cantiga 166 de Alfonso X "Vox Vulgaris"** (Sienaharpa)
**Cantigas de Santa Maria No 353** (Sienaharpa)
Springvals från Valö efter Ceylon Wallin (kontrabasharpa)

Tune Friday
The Irish Washerwoman (Jig)
Polska efter Jonas Hansson (Polska)
Calle's Påsk Gånglåt (Gånglåt)
Tierpspolskan (Polska)
Josefin's Dopvals (Waltz)
Linus På Linjen (Polska)

Vicki & Jonny's Dance Tunes
The Kindness of Thwaite (Waltz)

A Focus on Technique
Poignant Waltz
A Study in G Minor

Halsway Virtual Session in the Bar
All the lessons for Session 1 are migrated. I'm now working on Session 2.

Stuff for me to remember to do!
Add more videos to Poignant Waltz
Film the extra NH4aD

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