The Flurry!

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Jonny and myself are playing at The Flurry Dance Festival. We're playing for Contradance - which is a brilliant dance genre and really suited to the nyckelharpa! If you'd like to play-a-long and you'd like the dots, then here you go! Click the big grey clicky button! The tune list is as follows. (Some of the list have lessons on this site, but not all yet)

Marvelous Meg / Rocking Roquefort / Darkside
Doodle Oak Cloggers / Jiggle the Old Bones
• Sleep Deprivation
• Lightening the Load / St Albans New
• One for Diana
• Growling / Gaspe
• Grandpa Joe
• The Kindness of Thwaite

Hopefully see you there!

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