Vicki’s ESI 2024 Tune List

This is what I taught. The links directly below to lessons that you'll need a subscriber login for. Then I've embedded all the videos. Below that is catch club. Then below that are the tunes I didn't get time for!

The Cotillion
Barham Down
Champion of the Seas
The Stand In
The Noodle Slicer
Kahlua Jig
Kahlua Reel
The String Crossing Tune
A Little Swedish Waltz

Catch Club at ESI
These are going out each Sunday, so I'll keep updating this list as they get published.

Name/Lesson LinkFullMinus1Play Through
Jonny's Catch No. 1FullMinus1Play Through
FångsetFullMinus1Play Through
A Waltz CatchFullMinus1Play Through
An Ape, a Lion, a Fox and an AssFullMinus1Play Through
Fie, Nay, Prithee JohnFullMinus1Play Through
To Our Musical ClubFullMinus1Play Through
Ill Fares the FamilyFullMinus1Play Through
Fair Ursley in a Merry MoodFullMinus1Play Through
Let Us Love and DrinkFullMinus1Play Through

The tunes we didn't do
100 Pipers
The Sloe
Hunt the Squirrel
Ryan's Favourite
Narrowly Missed the Milk Jug
Doreen's Schottis
Hyde & Seek
The Japonica Jig
The Bowstring Reel
The Schottis Known as Lego Bricks
The Black Nag
Red House
Ernie's Magic Moondust

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