Vicki’s ESI 2024 Tune List

This is what I taught. The links directly below to lessons that you'll need a subscriber login for. Then I've embedded all the videos. Below that is catch club. Then below that are the tunes I didn't get time for!

The Cotillion
Barham Down
Champion of the Seas
The Stand In
The Noodle Slicer
Kahlua Jig
Kahlua Reel - video below
The String Crossing Tune
A Little Swedish Waltz

Catch Club at ESI
These are going out each Sunday, so I'll keep updating this list as they get published.

Jonny's Catch No. 1 - Jonny Dyer
Fångset - Jonny Dyer
A Waltz Catch - Jonny Dyer
An Ape, a Lion, a Fox and an Ass - Henry Purcell
Fie, Nay, Prithee John
To Our Musical Club
Ill Fares the Family
Fare Ursley in a Merry Mood
Let Us Love and Drink

The tunes we didn't do
100 Pipers
The Sloe
Hunt the Squirrel
Ryan's Favourite
Narrowly Missed the Milk Jug
Doreen's Schottis
Hyde & Seek
The Japonica Jig
The Bowstring Reel
The Schottis Known as Lego Bricks
The Black Nag
Red House
Ernie's Magic Moondust

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