Here is a list of hopeful workshops I'll be teaching at Face to Face!

9th - 12th August 2021 - Nyckelharpa Camp Forlimpopoli, Italy
The workshop will be held for the first time from 9th to 12th August 2021at the Music School of Forlimpopoli (in cooperation with the European Nyckelharpa Training), parallel to the Master Class of Marco Ambrosini.
Swedish music is filled with amazing rhythms and charismatic keys. This course will include a whole plethora of different sorts of polskas, schottis and långdans. You will hunt down that elusive second beat and feel the swing of the schottis. Swedish music is all about dance and the course will look at whole body rhythm and pulse.
Vicki Swan is the driving force behind nyckelharpa teaching in the UK. A fully qualified teacher, strong pedagogy is the bedrock of all of her courses. Lessons will include improving musicality, better technique on the nyckelharpa, and of course Swedish nyckelharpa repertoire.
Tuning: 440 Hz

17th-19th September 2021 - Halsway Manor, England UK
Full Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend. Details to be sorted out!

7th - 10th October 2021 - International Days of Nyckelharpa, Burg Fürsteneck Germany
British Folk dance music, from the 1651 Dancing Master John Playford to the modern American style contradance. Be ready for some grooving tunes. 

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