Vicki & Jonny’s Dance music

We play for a lot of dance and love writing dance tunes. You can find them listed here. Because we'd love these to be played by as many people as possible our more popular tunes are open access. But if you like a tune and you're not a subscriber you might like to put a few pennies in our tipjar. Some of our fortnightly sessions are likely to be based around our dance music, so below will be a playlist of these sessions!

Pyramid Bouree (Jonny)
Rum in the Pudding (Jonny)

Andy Clarkes (Jonny) (Fiddleharpa)
Anastasia in D minor (Jonny) - (HMS9)
Dancing Shoes (Jonny) - (HMS9)
Diversion Ahead (Jonny)
Don't Drive Tired (Jonny)
Double Shot Coffee (Jonny)
Hyde and Seek (Vicki) - Session 14
Incognito Ian (Jonny) - Session 14
The Japonica Jig (Vicki) - Session 14
JoLaine's Jig (Jonny) - Session 14
The Lace in the Door (Vicki)
Norrahammarsvägen (Vicki)
The Piper's Wedding Jig (Vicki)
Sunny Skies (Jonny) - (HMS9)
Trip to Habertonford (Jonny) (Fiddleharpa)

The Devil's Schottis (Vicki)
Hornpipe Hollandica (Jonny)
Hunt the Hog (Vicki)
Piggelunkschottisen (Vicki) - (HMS8)
Stena's Hornpipe (Jonny)
The Tomasson Girls (Vicki)

Polkas and Squares
Ankapoo (Vicki) - (HMS8)
Dot Dot Dot (Jonny) - Session 14
Italian Pants (Jonny) - Session 14
New England Square (Jonny)
Tongue in Cheek (Vicki) - (HMS8)

Jonny's Jolly Polska

Caucasia Contra (Jonny)
Dancing Out (Vicki) - (HMS8)
The Darkside (Jonny)
Doodle Oak Cloggers (Jonny) - (HMS9)
Fiddling About (Vicki)
Hawaiian Contra (Jonny) - Session 14
Hedingham Green (Jonny) - (HMS9)
Lightening the Load - 32 bar version
Lightening the Load - 48 bar version
One for His Nob (Vicki) - (HMS8)
Marvelous Meg (Jonny)
Mid-Year Spice (Vicki)
Rocking Rocquefort (Jonny)
Seth's Jolly Contra (Jonny) - Session 14
St Alban's New (Jonny)

Pinkie and the Cradle (Jonny)
That Mallet Moment (Jonny)

The Broken Drone (Jonny)
Elsy's Waltz (Vicki) - Session 4
Fikavalsen (Vicki) - Session 4
Hands Across the Pond (Jonny) - Session 14
The Kindness of Thwaite (Jonny) - Session 4
The Little Pard (Vicki)
One for Diana (Jonny) - Session 8
Poppy's Present (Jonny) - Session 8
The Race for Home (Vicki) - Session 8
The Revelstoke Wedding (Vicki) - Session 8
The Singi Sunset (Vicki)
The Thousandth (Vicki)
Vintage Puget (Vicki) - Session 14
Waltz for Shari (Jonny) - Session 4
The Willows (Jonny) - Session 8
The Winter Wedding (Jonny) - Session 4

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